Jun 24, 2006

Keeping The Little Man Down

My drive to work takes me through a low-income area of my fair city. It seems to me that every week another sleazy business opens up in this area. I decided to count the number of these outfits from one stop light to the next. Including cash advance stores, pawn shops, bars, liquor stores, "buy-here, pay-here" car lots and rent-to-own stores, I counted 21 places. The next time you hear someone talking about why the poor remain poor, think of theses photos. These are just half the pictures that I took on one street today within 1/2 mile. These are the folks preying on the poor. That's a cash advance place on the right next to the tax office. The tax office has nothing to do with this post, they happen to be in the picture. The cash advance guys are having a special on your first loan. So act quickly! A very nice pawn shop. There is another pawn shop directly across the street from this one in case these guys try to low-ball you. Need another cash advance? or another? or another? or another? Time to take all that cash and have a toot. And as long as we are flush with cash, let's Rent-to-Own!! Still time for that last minute loan. Tag:

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