Jun 17, 2006

Jiggs, Its The Fat Cops

You can't make this stuff up. It seems that Starbucks is being threatened by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (Fat Police). It turns out that when you take some coffee and add various dairy products, including whipped cream and throw in chocolate, you really boost up the old calories. Not to mention the fat content. Wouldn't have guessed that. According to the Fat Police, Starbucks needs to tone down their act and dump the rich stuff for some skimmed products. A spokesman for Starbucks say that they are working on it. The Fat Police are worried about our health. Starbucks is worried about how they will get us to exchange $5 for a cup-o-crap. Iced Tofu Latte anyone? Anyone, Anyone, Bueller? But this is just not fair. After all Starbuck's hails from Seattle, where life beautiful all the time. Besides that they are socially conscious and provide health insurance to their workers. Many, if not all, of their baristas (Starbucks-speak for kid selling coffee) vote Green or at least Democrat. For God's sake, give them a break, they like you, they really like you. Did I mention that the company is from Seattle? Another interesting thing about Starbucks is that many of their stores have a drive-up window. For an environmentally conscious outfit they certainly encourage a lot of air pollution from the bazillion Volvos lined up to get their Joe-like beverages. The lovely Ms. Sneed and I are taking our grandson Noah to see the movie Cars, where he (and I) will have "movie snacks" aka movie popcorn, which you may recall the Fat Police also hate. Then we will likely have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, another Fat Police enemy. And I didn't think I had much in common with Starbucks. Anyway, just a quick observation. Tag:

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