Jun 10, 2006

Gadget Guy

My name is Merle and I like gadgets. I am also 56 years old and not exactly on the cutting edge, technologically speaking. A few months ago I decided that I needed an IPOD. At the time all I knew about IPOD was that you could download music on one and since I had a couple hundred CDs gathering dust, I figured this might be just the thing I needed to put those CDs to work. So off to Circuit City I went to "look" at an IPOD. Well, $400 bucks later I was the proud owner of a 30G IPOD, case, charger and some other stuff. What I discovered was that not only could I listen to my music collection, but I could download radio programs,audiobooks, photos and something called a podcast. The IPOD changed my life. I have given up listening to most radio programs on the air. I used to be addicted to all the usual talk shows. Everyday I seemed to get worked up about one thing or another I heard on the radio. I spent a good part of each day seething about one idiot politician or another, and their lunacy. Now I download only what I want to hear. This has let me eliminate all the negative junk I used to listen to. There is a whole lot of freedom and serenity in not hearing the constant harping over who did what to whom and why. It turns out that our governemnt, the war, dopey politicians, crooks of all sorts and miscreants in general, all go on just fine without me. Whew! I regularly download Dave Ramsey's program ($89 per year for the whole show, commercial free). I also download a wonderful podcast called the Writer's Almanac by Garrison Keillor, a family finanace podcast by a fellow who goes by NCN, The Bitterest Pill by Dan Klass, Things I Say, by a guy named Cush, and Jimmy Pardo's podcast, Never Not Funny. I get the Bill Handel Show and a strangely addictive program called the Jesus Christ Show from KFI radio in Los Angeles. I download lectures by Alan Watts on eastern religious thought. They are available at AlanWatts.com. Sometimes I go to the public library and check out books on CD, which I then load onto my IPOD for listening at my convenience. These programs are informative and entertaining, but the best part is with the exception of The Dave Ramsey Show, this stuff is all free. Man, what a great gadget! Tag:

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DarrellH said...


I'm so glad you mentioned Writer's Almanac by Garrison Keillor. I've always loved his radio shows, but never thought to check for a podcast from him. I just subscribed to it on iTunes. Thanks!!!