Jun 13, 2006

Call Off The Search

I need to make a note to myself to call the Missing Laptop Bureau and tell them to call off the search for my missing computer. Its back. In November 2004 I bought a Toshiba P25 laptop computer for about $1600. Like many of the gadgets I buy from time to time, I wasn't sure I really had a use for it. I operate on the theory that things usually have unintended uses so I figured I would see the benefits in time. I had a desktop that was only 2 years-old then, but as I posted a couple of days ago, I like a good gadget. I also bought the $250 extended warranty from the seller, Circuit City. Since I bought the laptop, I have had to send it in 4 times for repair. The most recent time was May 16th. It was gone a month. I missed it so, because I was forced to sit at my desk and use my old Compaq 5000. Will the horrors ever stop? My good friends at Circuit City assured me that if the laptop was in three times for repair they would replace it with a new one. They lied. It seems that they meant three times for the same problem. But I have to say that it seems work now. Perhaps the next breakdown will convince them to replace it. I dropped it off at the store for this latest problem on 5/16/2006. The clerk made out a ticket and gave me a copy and an 800-number to call if I wanted to check on the progress of the repairs. The ticket said they were sending it to a repair vendor Illinois. On 6/1/2006 I called the number and was informed that they didn't have my computer. I called Circuit City back and the clerk who answered asked me why I called that number. BECAUSE IT IS ON THE PAPER YOU GAVE ME! Or perhaps I just randomly dialed 800-numbers until I reached a computer repair joint. One or the other. I was given another 800-number and it turned out that they had the computer and were waiting for parts. The guy said they just received it on 5/31/2006. God knows where it was for two weeks. Anyway, today the UPS man brought it back and I have to say the fine folks at Micro Medics, of Vernon Hills, Il. did a great job. I normally wouldn't buy an extended warranty, but a laptop is a disaster waiting to happen, so it was money well spent this time. Tag: Tag:

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