May 22, 2006

Tell Us How You Really Feel...Please

"There's no crying in baseball." - Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dungan in A League Of Their Own. Is anyone else sick of all these emotions being "explored" in sports today? I was listening to ESPN Radio's postgame coverage of the Pistons / Cavaliers game 7 yesterday and some female sports reporter asked Lebron James to describe his emotions as he left the court. I thought I was going to puke. She also asked him how he had grown as a person and as a player as a result of this series. I wanted him to reply, "Shut up Sis, you are killing me." She wanted him to reply, "You know I didn't get the nurturing I needed as a boy and I have issues with rejection." Instead he jammered on with some verbal elevator music and said nothing notable either way. Thank God. Here is a clue lady. Sports fans in general and men in particular, don't care one whit what LeBron is feeling in defeat. Whoever decided that we need to explore our feminine side with respect to sports need to be shot. We just care who beat whom and by how much. We understand anger and gloating. We want to know stategy, what worked and what didn't. Sports figures are not Regular Joes so stop pretending that they are by trying to make them more human. We could watch Dr. Phil if we wanted to identify with bums like us. We want to be entertained and to identify with a winner, not a whinner. Tag:


Kurt said...

Reporters are always asking people how they feel nowadays, in and out of sports. It is loathsome. What they really want is drama, hence questions like:
"How does it feel to know that you've...
lost everything?
will never see your brother again?
have six months to live?

Pretty much like you would imagine.

Kurt said...

See Megan's post today for an update on these comments.