May 18, 2006

Put Them All Together They Spell Mother....

Here we go, a rule for life from your good friend Merle. Anytime you read a survey done by the good folks at (Name goes here), you may conclude that it is a bunch of self-serving crappola, In fact, there was a report released last week that said that studies of products that are paid for by producers of the products are more likely to be favorable to those products than are studies done with independent financing. Duh, glad we cleared that up. I suspect that the same is true of studies done by interest groups in general. So, I was reading this morning that the very fine folks at, did some very fine research involving a group of very fine women and have concluded that if a stay-at-home mom was to be paid market-value for her duties in the home, she would earn $134,000 per year, $2577 per week. What a load. Before you begin to think that old Merle is a chauvinistic jackass, let me hasten to say that I believe it is Mom who holds us together as a civilization. I love moms, I even had one once. Besides, we all know you can't put a price on your mom's worth. We can only examine the economic value Mom's labor contributes to the home. Think about this. $134,000 / 3 = $44,667. I could hire 3 full-time mom surrogates and pay them $44,667 each for around-the-clock service for the alleged value of the typical stay-at-home mom, in pure economic terms. Seeing as how $44,667 is above the median family income in America, and seeing as how I would be hard-pressed to find a domestic worker in the US making this kind of dough, I conclude the figures are crappola. Mom can't be worth $134,000 per annum because her replacement on the market is much less, financially speaking of course. Look at it another way. Let's say Mom works 16 hours a day in the home. We'll give her the other 8 hours to sleep, bath, eat, etc. That is 2088 straight time hours per year and 3752 overtime hours. At $134,000 per year Mom would earn about $17.35 per hour ($26.02 for nights and weekends). That is not the prevailing wage for household help. The real value of a mom...priceless. The value of the data...crappola. Tag:

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