May 25, 2006

Less Than 0%, We Pay You, Act Now!!!

If it wasn’t for junk mail, most days we wouldn’t get any mail at all. Perhaps some folks find the many exciting offers that come in the mail useful, I don’t. Yesterday our mail consisted of 2 offers for car insurance, an invitation to an investment seminar, a packet of coupons for the “Smart savers at …”, a postcard from a job recruiter to my spouse, a couple of credit card offers and the electric bill. Except for the electric bill it is all junk mail. My wife and I have a division of the bills in our house. I pay the house payment, cable, car insurance and internet bills. She pays the other utilities. We sometimes each use a credit card and pay our own bill, in full, each month. To the greatest extent I can, I use online bill pay. The only thing I mail is the house payment and I do that because I pay additional principal each month and my mortgage company won’t do that on line. I wrote one check last month. My wife hasn’t moved into the 21st century, financially speaking. She doesn’t trust the various utilities enough to give them access to her checking account, so she gets more legitimate mail than me. I get the mail out of the mailbox and stop at my garbage bin on the way into the house. I discard the items addressed to “occupant” and open everything that isn’t obviously real mail. I take out the front page of any exciting offers and set those aside. I chuck the remainder of the contents. I shred the all pages with personal information. Only about 10% of mail makes it into the house. What we need is a “Do not deliver” list. I would like to tell the post office what types of mail I am willing to get. I’m sure their computer technology could figure it out. Yeah Tag:

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