Apr 28, 2006

Is it me or is it hot in here?

I was headed to work today and a guy passes me in an older junker-type of car. The thing that I noticed was a computer-generated sign taped in the back window that said, "Like the Global Warming? Thank Bush and his friends". Well excuse me. Bush may do things I don't like and that you may hate, but I'm pretty sure that he didn't cause global warming in the past six years. Does the driver believe this or does he think I will? It seems that the climate was hunky-dorry until 2000. Belief that Bush managed to completely hose the environment in 6 short years invites the question, "Why did Al Gore write Earth in the Lurch or spend years of the Clinton administration demanding that the Kyoto Protocal be ratified if Bush caused global warming a year after Clinton left office?" It drives me crazy that people feel the need to bombard me with their messages. Most of the time these messages simplify issues to the point of absurdity. At my office there are two cars with competing bumper stickers. One says "Annoy a Liberal, work, succeed, enjoy", the other says, "Annoy a Conservative, Think, Understand, Explore." The problem is that both are rooted in nonsensical stereotypes. Geez, keep it to yourself.

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Rich | Championable said...

Actually, it's probably because Bush has openly and repeatedly stated that he doesn't believe in global warming, which is utterly ludicrous.

Agreed about the stereotypes. But it you dislike them so much, why publicize them?