Apr 22, 2011

Long time readers know that Merle Wayne Sneed has a love/hate relationship with authority.

I appreciate the fact that the government keeps us relatively safe, but I hate the fact that when they are not protecting us, or at least maintaining some order, they spend their time bothering us.

Take yesterday for example.

The lovely Mrs. Sneed asked me to go with her to pick up a medication for a kid that had been misdelivered to the wrong location.  Then we drove it to the hospital, so that the kid could have a procedure done at 8:30 am.

My job was basically to tote the box to the third floor of the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital, there was a University of Arizona parking monitor checking the 20-minute loading spaces for people who might have been parked longer than 20 minutes.   We parked in the loading area and Mrs. Sneed made me wave the cooler-sized box around so that the parking enforcement guy would see that we were in fact unloading something.

The parking guy pulled his truck into an adjacent spot and sat there.  I told Mrs. Sneed that if he cited me, she needed to have bail money ready because it would end badly for me.

When I came out, the parking thug was gone, but the medical patient transport van parked on the other side of me had been ticketed.  Who tickets a medical transport for parking too long in a loading space and what is the driver supposed to do?


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The Bug said...

Idiots is right. I know city governments need money, but really...

Megan said...

What? WHAT?

Kurt said...

20 minutes is 20 minutes, whether you are Police, Fire Dept., or whatever. Only foreign diplomats are immune to the laws of this country.

Bella Rum said...

Don't you just hate when people who have a little bit of power, use it to the fullest extent? You know that guy lives for that 21st minute.